Warning: The lists "Filtered Profanity & Unfiltered Profanity" in this article contain a lot of uncensored words that might be inappropriate for younger audiences. Linking to them directly is not encouraged. Note also that this wiki discourages use of any words found in these profanity lists in chat or anywhere else on wikia and the game.

The chat filter is a means to reduce swearing in Galaxy at War Online in-game chat. This works sometimes better and other times not. As the chat filter falls under the jurisdication of rules & moderators, they are the first to enforce them.

As with other games that use a chat filter, they generally are known to be useless for more than 1 language as they unavoidably cripple one of the languages involved.

Likewise it is hard to know what falls under profanity and therefore can yield a mute when most people don't even know the whole list of filtered words, or not filtered at all (which, as long as still profanity, will also yield mutes).

Also a list as found below can help make the chat filter better, by fine-tuning it and discussing what can be safely filtered, without breaking one or more languages in the process (e.g. making essential words unusable).

Steps takenEdit

  1. Verbal warnings by moderators, using global chat channel.
  2. After 1-3 verbal warnings, official warnings are given, they are displayed by the server's "SYSTEM", just like Alliance attacks.
  3. Lastly a mute is issued ranging in time from 1 hour to 99,999 hours, the highest amount being known as perma-mute as it keeps the user muted for 11.4 years.
  4. In severe cases bans are issued instead, making the affected players unable to ever login again with their account.

Filtered ProfanityEdit

  • Example Entry

Unfiltered ProfanityEdit

  • Roflmao: "Rolling on floor, laughing my ass off."


Abbreviations that include filtered words when written out are deemed as "circumventing the chat filter" and therefore an action earning you warnings or mutes.

Apparently 9,999 hours of mute seem to be reserved for commanders with an inappropriate name.