Each user account can be linked to one commander within each server. Within each server every commander name has to be unique. Each commander can own one or more planets and can only be part of one alliance.

Warning: when joining a server it is possible to leave the commander name blank. If you do this, a random name will be assigned to you (something like s1234567 with random numbers) and it is currently impossible to have this name changed! [1]


When a new commander arrives on a server he/she has to absolve a tutorial, it guides the player through game mechanics, awards a lot of cash items and some resources to speed up progress in the beginning.

The tutorial ends bugging you, by building a Rocket Launcher and claiming the reward of the corresponding quest. This will also open up new secondary quests.


Their are numerous different scores that are used to measure and compare commanders:

Score Determining Factors Details
Level Construction, research or production actions completed. 1 XP per unit produced, 1 XP times the level of upgrade or research completed.
PVP Score Battling players and destroying ships and defenses improves this score.
Personal Score Resources spent. Each 1,000 resources = 1 point.
Rank Personal score. All commanders on the server are ranked by personal score.
Achievement Points Number and level of achievements completed and claimed. Claiming an achievement rewards dark matter and increases this score by the level of the achievement (shown on the left).
Glory Score

Increased by winning against players that are stronger ("The glory of battle").

Decreased by defeating players that are weaker ("Shameful battle").

When negative, you lose some resource protection and gain a skull avatar.

When very high, you get improved resource production and gain a glory avatar.


A single commander can never possess more than a maximum of 2,000,000,000 (2 billion) of each resource and can never receive more than 99,999 resources per production tick[2]. A commander is also limited to a maximum of 9 planets[3].

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