Death Star

In-game Description:
"Very expensive, incredibly slow, but with huge destructive power and high Rapidfire. It is only susceptible to large numbers of Destroyers

The Death Star is the pinnacle of modern science and technology. It is very heavily armored and devastatingly destructive. It is however incredibly slow, very expensive and time-consuming to construct. It can be used offensively, due to having attack bonuses against every other space ship, or defensively, due to its heavy shielding and solid structure."

The Death Star is a massive sphere-shaped ship that uses a powerful beam to decimate large groups of Cruisers, Light Fighters, Battleships, Missile Chasers and Dreadnoughts. Death Star is the most expensive and slowest ship in-game. Tech Requirements make it the most difficult ship to unlock and obtain, why it is used mostly late-game.

The greatest weakness to Death Stars are Destroyers, a relatively small fleet can take down a single Death Star quite easily. On the other hand Destroyers only weakness are the much more expensive Death Star themself. Why it is a good idea to have either an endless supply of Death Stars (rather difficult) or alternatively get a Destroyer fleet of your own as there is no Rapidfire involved.

Battle Attributes Value Logistic Attributes Value
Attack 200,000 Capacity 10,000,000
Shields 50,000 Speed 100
Defense 900,000 Gas Consumption 1
Resource Value
Production Time*
Building / Research Level
Shipyard 12
Hyperspace Drive 12
Hyperspace Tech 10
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