In-game description:
"The Fleet Repair Tech allows you to repair fleets that have been lost in battle.

As fleets get bigger and fights between galaxies become fiercer we have been forced to look to more advanced technology to aid our efforts. In our search for power we have found a way to gain the upper hand through Fleet Repair.

The repairs take time but once they are complete your ships can return to battle again. For every level upgrade the amount of ships that are repaired is increased by 10%."

At level 3, the maximum percentage is reached. At level 3 30% of your destroyed fleet can be repaired. You can choose how many of each type of ship to be repaired and mix-n-match the types. Each level increase in Fleet Repair above level 3 decreases repair time. Also Shipyard level is figured into repair time with higher levels contributing to decreased repair time.

Level 4 data is displayed in-game but not currently used although included in the following table.

Research Time* Effect
0 -- -- -- -- 0% Fleet repaired
1 12,000 12,000 0 12:00:00 10% Fleet repaired
2 24,000 24,000 0 36:00:00 20% Fleet repaired
3 48,000 48,000 0 96:00:00 30% Fleet repaired
4 96,000 96,000 0 240:00:00 Decreased repair time
Reqs. Fleet Repair Tech requires Research Lab Lv. 4.
Legend *modified by Research Lab.