Personal score is determined by the number of resources spent to upgrade, research or construct ships and buildings. Specifically, each 1,000 resources spent will gain 1 point in personal score. You also lose personal score when your ships are destroyed, according to the initial costs to construct the ships.

Personal score is used to rank players on a server or within an alliance, and also affects which players are allowed to attack each other and what glory score will be achieved. The following table specifies what an enemy's personal score must be in relation to your for various different attack conditions:

Percentage of Personal Score Attack Type Danger Level
Less than 20% Can't Attack Grey
More than 20% "Shameful Battle" Green
More than 50% "Glory of Battle" Green
More than 100% "Glory of Battle" Yellow
More than 250% "Glory of Battle" Red
More than 500% Can't Attack Grey

If your personal score is above 50,000 then the higher level attack limitations do not apply: anyone with a higher personal score can attack you and you them. It is also important to remember that when a joint strike is performed the personal score used is the aggregate of all the players involved in the attack. This often means that a planet that appears to be "Glory of Battle" for each of the individual players, will in fact be a "Shameful Battle" when they combine and attack with a joint strike. With a joint strike it is therefore also possible to attack players that are usually indicated as unattackable (grey), as long the joint strike was started by someone whose personal score was appropriate.

While personal score is usually the dominant factor in whether a planet is "Glory of Battle", there are also some other conditions that could make a battle glorious[1]:

  • if ranking of the attacker is within 100 compared to defender
  • if the defender has a negative glory score