Empty planets

Empty planets

Planets are the core method of expanding one's reach and resource generation. All planets have two properties that make them unique (except their location!), which is radius and temperature. When selecting an empty planet, it's possible range of temperatures and radius are indicated. Only once a planet has been colonized will the precise values be known. If that same planet is abandoned and recolonized, different values will be achieved (with a uniform distribution on the planet's range of values). Temperatures can differ between -200°C and 200°C, while radius can vary between 40 and 240.
  • Low temperatures increase the production rate of Gas Plants
  • High temperatures increase the efficiency (gas consumption) of Fusion Reactors
  • A higher radius is always better than lower, as it determines the maximum amount of structures and structure upgrades that the planet can achieve

The Home Planet that all players start with could be located anywhere, but always has the same properties: a radius of 163 and temperature of -5°C. A planet's location is indicated as a string of 3 numbers such as [1-2-3], which determine the galaxy, star system and unique planet.


Colonizing a planet requires the construction of a Colony Ship and upgraded research in Astrophysics. An empty planet can then be colonized by selecting it, choosing the "colonize" option and then creating a fleet with at least one colony ship to send. A single player is limited to a maximum of 9 planets[1]. Colonized planets (but not the Home Planet) can be abandoned at any time, but this will not return your colony ship as it becomes consumed in the colonization process.