There are six different resources in Galaxy at War, three of them which you will be using to upgrade buildings, construct ships and research technologies. These are generated by planetary mining facilities which can be upgraded to increase their hourly yield.

For each upgrade, more energy is require for the facility to function properly. Should the energy drain become larger than what you can satisfy, all your facilities will recieve a penalty; this can be avoided through adjusting the production rate at the individual facility such that it uses less energy.

Lastly, there are two premium resources: Quartz Rutilated and Dark Matter. Dark Matter can be used to purchase buffs, special features and other resources, while Quartz Rutilated can only be used for blueprints.

Name Source Bonus
Metal Metal Mine, Plundering, Debris
Crystal Crystal Mine, Plundering, Debris
Gas Gas Plant, Plundering Cold temperatures
Energy Solar Plant, Fusion Reactor High temperatures
Quartz Rutilated Quartz Rutilated Refinery, In-game purchase, Events, Missions
Dark Matter In-game purchase, Free Gifts, Achievements, Events


Each planet can only hold a certain amount of resources determined by the level of its separate storage facilities (metal storage, crystal storage, gas tanks).

When a specific resource's storage facility is full, its mining facility will stop production and it will become impossible to withdraw more of those resources contained within the underground bunker.

It is still possible for storage to be overfilled by cargo ships transporting resources and those extra resources will remain usable for any purpose.

Production TickEdit

Resources from mines are gathered on the server in time periods called ticks. While the precise tick time is unknown, it is estimated to be 200 to 240 times per hour (each 15 to 18 seconds).

This is the rate at which resources are updated on the server, but the rate at which your resources appear to update in your client application is highly variable and dependant on network connectivy.

A client update is likely to occur when looking at the detailed resource stats by clicking on the top right resource listing box.