In order to utilize the Jumpgate you need to have two planets, each with a satellite and a Jumpgate on each satellite. The Jumpgate allows you to instantly transport your fleet between the two planets. Use of the Jumpgate requires a cool down time as shown in the chart below. The Jumpgate can be very useful if you have planets many galaxies apart from each other. The down side is that you pay 100% gas cost and the cool down after each use. Prior to 15-08-03 use of a pair of Jumpgates required cool down for all Jumpgates. Now only the two gates used require cool down.

Build Time* Cooldown
0 -- -- --
1 40,000 24 hours
2 80,000 22 hours
3 160,000 20 hours
4 320,000 18 hours
5 640,000 16 hours
6 1,280,000 14 hours
7 2,560,000 12 hours
8 5,120,000 10 hours

Required: Satelite level 5

Required: 1 satelite radius per Jumpgate level.